Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Book Chat - Children's Books

Hi everybody!  I'm so excited to be co-hosting The Book Chat with Jessica from Sweet Green Tangerine this week!  Sorry for the delay folks, I was off having an awesome time at the Maroon 5 concert yesterday. :)
Anyway, this week's topic is Children's Books.  I love this topic, not only because it reminds me of the books I loved as a kid, but also now that I have kids, I get to enjoy kids' books with them as well.
So, we'll start with my favorite growing up.

I could read Charlotte's Web over and over and over again.  I absolutely loved it.  The animals, the words that Charlotte would weave in her webs (yes, I'm a word nerd), all of it.  I would watch the movie over and over again as well.  To this day, I still want to have a pet pig. Haha.

My sons are 4 and 2, so the books that they love are obviously geared toward younger kids, but are still fun nevertheless. :)

They both love this book.  Of course they always want a cookie after I read it, too. ;)  It's a cute book and kind of teaches them to think logically, sort of.  Like, after you eat a cookie, you're obviously going to need a glass of milk. haha.

And this Dr. Seuss book is their fave.  They always giggle at the nonsensical words and Dom, my 4yo, loves counting the various crazy objects on the pages. :)

So, now it's your turn.  Tell us what your favorite (or your kids' favorite) children's books are!  Grab the button below and link up with us. :)

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  1. We own all of the Give a ____ a _____ books. I love them! Noah thinks they are babyish now =(
    I'm hoping he'll learn to love them again soon.

  2. I love, love Dr. Seuss like crazy. Some kids books are kinda boring to read and I love Dr. Seuss for all the tongue twisters and silly words in them. So far we haven't outgrown them but I know we will someday.

  3. I loved If you Give a Mouse a Cookie! I had it memorized and would annoyingly recite it over and over.

  4. Oh, Dr. Suess. The great thing about Dr. Seuss is that they span a variety of ages. Most of them are written towards beginning readers, but some of them also work well with older kids to discuss the political ideas behind some of them.
    I never liked Charlotte's Web as a kid--think I might have been the odd one out there!

  5. I LOVED watching Charlotte's Web, i can't remember if i ever read the book. I loved the Bernstein Bears growing up...and Sesame Street-the Monster at the End of the Book was a fav!

    1. I totally forgot about Bernstein Bears!!! They have a tv show too.

  6. I loved all of those books!!

  7. you can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss! I loved If you give a mouse a cookie as well. They had one with a Moose and Pig too!

  8. Thanks to my little brother, I know every G.D. word to Charlotte's Web. Every.Damn.Word. Not exactly one of my best attributes ;)

  9. Love Dr. Seuss! Thanks for co-hosting with me today :)

  10. Now I want cookies and milk (it's only 8am!)!! And despite only being 8am I'm pretty sure I've already thunk all the thinks I can think for today :)

  11. Gabe likes those too! Ok, actually, I do. He's at that age where he isn't as interested in my reading to him, he'd rather play. Great choices! So j that you got to see Maroon 5!


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