Thursday, April 25, 2013

Average Isn't Good Enough

Something has really been bugging me lately.  So of course, my answer is to blog about it and rant to all of you.  You're welcome. 

But has anybody else noticed how we as a society seem to celebrate mediocrity?  I mean, really... whatever happened to giving 110%?  Whatever happened to trying your best, giving your all, and really caring about what you want to accomplish?? 

Nowadays, it's RARE to get good customer service anywhere. Well, at least they didn't spit in your food.  It's RARE to find people who are good at their job and truly care about it. Well, at least they didn't screw up my reservations today.  It's RARE to see parents truly being supportive and active in their kids' lives. Well, at least they're not drug addicts, what more do you want? 

But that's just IT... I want MORE.  Average isn't good enough.  Giving people trophies whether they won or lost the match... what message does that send?  Oh well, I don't have to practice or give my all or heck, even try, since I know I'm going to get the same reward if I win or lose. 

It's sad.  It really is.  

Don't be mediocre.  Nobody is good at everything, but everybody is good at something. 

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  1. OMG Thanks for saying this. I seriously hate how America is now. Oh, you're little league team was dead last? Bummer, here's your trophy! Fuh that. The whole point of competition is to push people to win! Not to reward all the losers! Grr. It's a big issue in my mind. I love your blog, just sayin :)
    Much love!
    Heather from The Life Unexpected

  2. What a great topic! Oh and what is the giveaway for!? It doesn't say what you win!

  3. Great post! We should be passionate about our beliefs or our "cause" and give 100%!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful post! I agree with everything, it's sad about lax people are these days.

  5. First off, I freaking love this post. Second, I love the way you think, last, I was just singing "Brian Wilson" by bare naked ladies today. So how weird is that?
    Mediocrity is rampant, it must be stopped! Set the bar higher America!

  6. I'm all about working hard and making sure things are done correctly the first time! Which reminds me that I recently went to a restaurant were the service was amazing! and then I noticed the already placed 20% gratuity...but it was well deserved!!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  7. You my dear are NOT mediocre, you are amazing. Love this post, I completely agree. Especially about the customer service. Because I encounter it so infrequently I go out of my way to tell a manager when I do receive great service. I need to move back to the South! :)

  8. Very eloquently put! When my company got purchased by the local housing authority, I knew this would happen at my job too, and sadly it has. I want more than that, and I think we all deserve that!

  9. I agree with this post completely. It's become acceptable to just do as little as possible to get by in life. It's become okay to just be average and as long as you don't lose that job, fail that class, play the worst in that're doing "GREAT" (NOT!)
    I think we need to get back to pushing to give our all in what we do and not just sit back and be okay with being average.

  10. I think what started out as a good idea- to include others & being accepting of others no matter what their abilities- has got out of control. Now we want to give everyone a prize, everyone a ribbon, everyone a trophy because we don't want anyone to feel badly about themselves and their efforts. I get that. But how will kids ever learn what they are good at (and not so good at) if they are never told that you have be at *this level* to make the team or take home an award? That isn't to say that effort shouldn't be awarded- it should be recognized verbally or physically, but not necessarily in the same way that they guy/girl who did the very best was given- you know?
    I have noticed this so much with my son's middle school sports. Now they have had tryouts for the teams and not everyone has made it, but everyone can do whatever they feel like doing- they don't take the fastest for events or the one who can jump the furthest. Just whoever says they want to compete in such and such event. It is going to be a rude awakening for some of these kids when they reach the high school- the high school teams my son will be on take everyone who wants to be on the team in, but not everyone runs every event that they want. They only take the top 4 in each event, so you have to be the best (or at least in the top 4 best) to actually compete.

  11. It is so true!! Especially with kids! Everyone is so afraid of being mean that we're not teaching important life lessons. It's something we're struggling with with Joe. If he can't win, or be the best, he gives up, so we're trying to teach him that important balance between do-your-best and have fun! That doesn't mean we celebrate him giving up!! I see this most in schools, lowering the curriculum to meet the students instead of raising the students to meet the curriculum. I could just keep going... Thanks for saying it out loud!!

  12. Well written! I so agree! Here it is the same, they mess up and can´t care less about their jobs especially in the service industry! I expect better of my "colleagues" than what i receive! I must aso say, that here it is no balance, as parents pressure their children to do homework at age 3 and stay up way past mifnight at age 8 to do homework for a schoolday that starts at 07! :S

  13. I especially feel that we've accepted mediocrity by having kindergarten, 5th grade and 8th grade graduations. There is promotion and there is graduation, BIG difference. When we graduate students every few years, we shorten their stamina and perseverance and water down the "big" ones. Also, who are these graduations for? Are parents afraid of having the conversations with their child? I love you sweetheart, but you will not be a star on this team, however, hard work and giving your best will ALWAYS be rewarded in life, even if not right away.

    Thank you for the post - I think a part two, three and four are in order!!!


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