Monday, March 4, 2013


So I'm a few days late on this, but let's be honest, February is a freakishly short month, so I'm not really that late. :)  Anyway, I want to do a recap of my progress for my goals for 2013.  

Here's my original post and also January's recap, if you're interested. 

OK, let's do this... 

1)  I'm kicking butt at this goal.  I've read 15 books so far, and Goodreads says I am wayyy ahead of schedule to get my 30 books read for the year.  Woohoo!  Right now I'm reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (#2), by J.K. Rowling.  

2)  I didn't do so well on journaling this past month.  I can chalk it up to being too tired at night to get my thoughts together, but really, I need to stop finding excuses and just do it.  I always feel better after writing things out. 

3)  Blah.  I got nothing. 

4)  Charlie and I have been trying really hard to spend quality time together.  We watch our shows every evening after the kids have gone to bed.  Sometimes we'll share a late-night snack and just snuggle up on the sofa.  I've been sending him little text messages to let him know I'm thinking of him or I appreciate him, etc.  I'm trying!  Do I get an A for effort? :)

5)  I'm definitely working hard on this goal.  Whether it's trying new restaurants, or a new fashion trend, or trying to be more social and put myself out there more - I feel like I'm making some progress.  Baby steps, people. :) 

Have you been sticking to your goals/resolutions for 2013?  Tell me about your progress, I'd love to hear about it! :)

Oh and if you are a blogger who lives in Virginia, save the date!  Our next meetup is on 4 May 2013.  Leave a comment for more info and I'll send you the details.  Ciao!  

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  1. I set a goal of 26 books and haven't read a single one... :(

  2. Wow, how do you get time to read that much and being a full working mum! Slightly impressed here! :) I think you deserve A for effort! :D

  3. So I believe I will be at the meet up...hopefully..fingers crossed!!

  4. I text Matt all day...sometimes I feel like I talk to his phone more then him! ;)

  5. At least you have made some progress.

  6. You are in great shape on the book goal! Congrats! I have been making some progress on mine. I'd say about half and half at this point.


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