Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, hello there peoples.  It's Valentine's Day!  I can hear men all over the world groaning because they would rather stay in bed and ignore the whole day. Ha! 
No such luck here at The Chronicles of Chaos!  I'm joining my gorgeous, fabulous friend Sel at Growing, Laughing and Loving in Life for a Valentine's Day linkup!  Here are the questions and my answers: 
1.) How did you meet your significant other? 
Charlie and I met in high school.  Chemistry class, to be exact. 

2.) What/where was your first date?
We've been together almost 12 years.  I honestly don't remember.  I'm sure it was out to eat at a restaurant somewhere, because we were always going out to eat back in the day.  

3.) What's your best relationship advice?

Laugh.  A lot.  Be with someone who has a sense of humor!  

4.) What is your most embarrassing moment in front of your SO?
Hmm.  There are a few.  The most memorable is the night he came home from work and found me passed out sleeping on the bathroom floor, completely drunk.  Not one of my finer moments, I'll admit.  He's never let me live that one down. Sigh.  

5.) What most attracts you to your SO?
Gosh, so many things.  He's such a good dad.  He knows how to fix EVERYTHING.  His sense of humor - he "gets" me like nobody else does.  He kisses me good morning and good night every single day.  He has this annoyingly cute habit of somehow making me laugh even when it's the last thing I want to do.  He's very sweet and sensitive even though he doesn't want anybody to know.

6.) If a movie was made about your SO, what actor/superhero would play their part?

I say Kirk Acevedo.  You might remember him as Alvarez from Oz.  He was also in Band of Brothers. 
Charlie says Jack Nicholson.  Ummm... negatory.  
  Hope everybody has a lovely day! xo 


  1. The picture of him with your little boy is adorable!

  2. How sweet! And I agree, sense of humor = extremely important!
    What an uncanny resemblence between him and

  3. Your answers are so similar to mine. Not remembering the first date? Yep. Meeting as teenagers? Yep.

    Except my embarrassing moment involves me going potty. On myself. I prefer your moment. ;)

    And the laughing thing? My husband makes me laugh when I don't even want to smile. How lucky are we?


  4. This is awesome. I like the whole passed out drunk on the bathroom floor, thing. :)

  5. This post made me smile. :) I love your advice too. Laughing is definitely such a big thing in relationships! Now I hope you're at home in your sweats being awesome on Valentine's Day! Love yewwwwzz! <3

  6. PAHAHAH!!! Not Jack Nicholson, and I think that's a good thing. :)

    And husbands and their crazy ability to make you laugh when it's the last thing you want... yeah, where did that come from?!!?!

  7. I love this and I hope that one day you'll share the entire passed out drunk story, because you know I love those! Laughing is always a necessity in my book. I want to be happy as much as possible!


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