Monday, February 18, 2013

Awesome Possum

Do you have a favorite word?  A word that you use ALL the time?  

Wanna guess what mine is? 

AWESOME!  I think it's in just about every single post I've ever written.  Seriously.  

Merriam-Webster defines the word as: 
awe-some. adjective. 1) expressive of awe.  2a) inspiring awe.  2b) terrific or extraordinary. 

I think I work it into just about every sentence that I say.  Occasionally it also works as a sarcastic remark.  "Oh gee, another traffic backup today? Awesome."  So versatile. :)  I'm teaching my boys to say it, as well.  Because I'm awesome, duh. 

What's your favorite word? 

Wanna know what else is awesome?  Books.  And bloggers who send them to me.  I recently participated in the Blogger Book Swap and was partnered with Maria from I Believe In Story.  She sent me some awesome stuff:

Super excited to read both of these books, but especially Fahrenheit 451 because I've never read a Ray Bradbury book.  I know, I know, don't whip me with a wet noodle.  And I am LOVING the leopard print bracelet, she totally knows my style. :) She also sent me some really great postcards which are not pictured. Thanks so much, Maria, you're the best!  

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday.  xo 



  1. I remember "reading" Fahrenheit 451 in high school, now that I've seen it here I think I may just go get it and actually read it because I think it had a pretty interesting story line...I mean, if I ever get a chance to read between the hollers of my two little monsters :)

  2. I've been saying "awesome" a lot lately! It's usually in a sarcastic tone.

  3. I say awesome all the time too! And what a great package you got! :)

  4. I'm glad you liked everything! Be sure to let me know what you think after you read the books.

  5. You're Awesome :) Loved this post! Also, a blogger book swap?!?! So sad I missed it!! Sounds fabulous!

  6. Haha I have to make myself not use the word awesome or amazing twice in one sentence. It's so bad

  7. Hey cutie I haven't been here in awhile I am LOVING your new blog design it looks fantastic!

  8. I used to say the word, "Super!" in high school...all the friggin' time, hahaha. And I have Glass Castle, but haven't read it yet!!! And I read Fahrenheit 451 in high school. I should probably re-read it though...ya know, when I have some point. ;)


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