Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wish in One Hand...

...and poop in the other, see which one fills up faster. 

That has always been one of my favorite expressions, haha.  Speaking of POOP... wow, I know what you're thinking... "Great segway, Mia."  Well, thank you, thank you. 

The Makings of a Mess

But I really want to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite people, Abbey from The Makings of a Mess.  She cracks me up every single day, whether I'm reading her blog, or having a silly email or Twitter conversation with her... she's just all-around good people! 

So, without further ado... Here's Abbey to tell you about poop. Enjoy!

Abbey saying, "I'm FABULOUSSSS!"

Hello to my bloggy BFF's readers! My name is Abbey and I write over at The Makings of a Mess. I'm 24 years old, work with 24 crazy kindergarteners, drink lots of tea, shop at Target and TJ Maxx, and love to read! I am so excited to be guest posting today about something that might make many of you blush while reading. But Mia and I think it is some funny shit. No pun intended. Yes, I am hear to talk to you about poop. Okay, for the past few years this has been my favorite word. I would just randomly say it wherever I was. Mainly at home, but...I couldn't help myself! Seriously, it's just funny.

For the longest time, I was always embarrassed upon the subject. Not saying the word [because I obviously had no trouble with that], but the actual action, talking about it, that kind of thing. My roommates during sophomore year of college were very open about their poop. When they had to go, what it was like. I remember they even had a poop record going for a month to see who pooped more. Yeah, it was pretty strange.

Abbey and Jason... awwww

Well, I've been dating Jason now for a year and a half. He was pretty open about pooping a few months into dating, but me? I've never been comfortable bringing it up with a guy. Not about my own poop, right? Because it's always been said that, "Girls don't poop." And hey, some guys even believe it! I have finally given in that this myth is false. And this may be a bit TMI for some of you, but I must tell you a short story...

Recently, I was over at Jason's house and I was getting a little hot and antsy. Ya know...stomach stuff. I was sitting with him on the couch moving around and he goes, "You alright?" And this is the first time admitting it to him and I flat out said, "I have to poop!" So that was that! I just get really self-conscious about those things! I know it's natural and we all do it, but...BOY! Was I relieved to just say it and...uh, get it out of the way?

So ladies, do whatcha gotta do. Don't be afraid to just poop. It'll make you feel a lot better rather than holding it in. And, thankfully, Jason isn't someone who will taunt you about it afterward. I guess we're finally at that very open part of our relationship where pooping is normal and if you gotta go, you go!

I hope you all aren't too afraid to come say hi over on my blog now after sharing those intimate details of my life. Seriously, I hope you all have a super pooper day! [And I hope I've made that your new favorite word!]


Thanks, Abbey cakes! Haha, see what I mean? She's just awesome. 

So whatever you call it... droppin a deuce, dropping the kids off at the pool, riding the porcelain throne, having a bowel movement (ha!), just go do it.  Stay regular, peoples, that's the name of the game. Ciao! 



  1. I'm really bad about it. I don't know how I survived two years in a dorm. Or living with my ex-boyfriend. I wouldn't ever consider a public bathroom. I'm weird I guess. LOL.

  2. HAHAHA this is so funny! I am married and let me tell you ladies...once you get married it is all out in the open they will just come in the bathroom while you are in there and do not care!

  3. Abbey is in fact awesome, thank you for sharing, Mia! Mia, I wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing blogger and for stopping by my blog throughout my first year of blogging. I've named you My Best Blogger Friend in my Share the Love Post as a way to say thank you. you can check out that tag post here... Again, thank you for being so amazing!♥♥♥

  4. Hahaha this cracked me up! Great guest post :)

  5. lol when you feel comfortable enough to fart in front of your significant other...

    Also, I am having a bauble swap if you're interesting in joining!

  6. This is awesome. You inspired me to write my post about...sharts....today. Gotta love a man who can handle us at our "best" right?

  7. Hahahahaha! My husband and I were friends before we started dating so we didn't have problems about pooping. Sometimes, we tell each other we need to go to the throne or we'll do some business then walk to the bathroom. Haha! This is great. I need to check Abby's blog :)


  8. lol! great post abbey! I am glad im not the only one who speaks loudly about these kinds of things, poop, gas, burps, bodily functions..it's normal! I used to be embarrassed but after certain circumstances, alot of my own privacy has been lost lol! and Mia, btw, i love love your new blog design!

  9. So...I can't believe I'm just now reading this. Whenever I see you two talking about poop on twitter, I'm always reminded of Leo. Why? Because he likes to stand outside the bathroom door (even if I'm in there under a minute) to ask me "are ya poopin'? Yep, I married that man.

    He's also fond of saying "everybody poops" loudly and in public. Winner


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