Monday, January 7, 2013

Vlog My Day

Today is the day! We are linking up our "Vlog My Day" Vlogs!!!

What is Vlog My Day? Well, it's a vlog link up that consists of videos taken throughout your day. 
This is so that we can see what each other does on a day-to-day basis.

This link up was going to be every week, but we decided that was going to be way too demanding, and if we did it once a month, your days may not change too much.
So how often is the link up?
It's going to be every three months which means the next one will be in April!

What are the rules?
1. Vlog throughout your day. Vlogs only please!
2. Either combine them in to one video or have multiple videos throughout your post.
3. Check out the hosts' vlogs and follow them if you aren't already.
4. Link up your own vlog!
5. Grab the button and spread the word by tweeting your post out!

Vlog My Day

OK, so... before we get to the vlog, I have a couple of notes for you... 

1) There's a part where I say I will film when we get to the grocery store. Yea... definitely not.  Two crazy kids... $260 worth of groceries later... it was just too much chaos and I didn't even think about filming once we got there. Oh wellllls. 

2)  At about the 3 minute mark, I switched from the iPhone to my webcam and for some reason it's super quiet, so I apologize in advance, you'll have to turn up your speakers super loud at that point. ha! But I hope you do because it's a little funny. :)



  1. Mint chocolate chip ice cream SHOULD be green! And Dom was cracking me up with his "HI!"

    Your vlog was so great! I kept watching it and going, "oohh I should have done mine more like that!" Next time..

  2. Haha I love you kids! Dom "he's not saying Hi", so cute! Your vlog was so good. Mine's up, go and see, run now......

  3. I have a lot of respect for mothers and noise. I love the silence.

  4. LOVED it!!! Your boys are too funny. :) And thanks for the shout out!! I don't REALLY think you're that old. :) So thanks for clarifying to your readers/watchers, baha. Anyway, I am still very sorry about botching your name on my vlog, but I loves yous and your vlogggg!!!!

  5. You and your kids are so fun! And I love that you had a bowl of ice cream right at hand... that's the best!

    PS- I totally had an accent wall in my last place that I painted the exact shade of green as mint ice cream. It was awesome, and made me hungry for ice cream every time I saw it.

  6. Haha your boys (all of them) are so funny! Mint ice cream should definitely be green! More power to you for using your phone to check your social media. I forever have my laptop on. womp womp.

    Thank you so much for cohosting! LOve you!

  7. I didn't participate in this hop... but I did hop on over and watch your video. Very cute. Great job!

  8. Cute. Looks like we have similar days. I am glad I am not the only one who just throws on whatever and throws their hair up in a bun or ponytail. I would have done this, but I forgot. I may try for April since I can do it when Emma is about to turn 1.

  9. Mint Ice cream should be green for sure! I just throw on whatever and toss my hair into a ponytail too!


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