Monday, January 21, 2013

Social Media (sometimes) Sucks

So my friend Paige has this new link up called "What's Eating You?" and each week you get to talk about some of your pet peeves on certain subjects.  This week's subject is social media. So here are some of the things that bug me about social media: 

- People who ask a general question on Facebook when they could easily find the answer by taking 2 minutes to look it up themselves! For example, "Hey, does anybody know when Target closes today?" Um really... just Google it. Or call them. I'm not your maid. Quit being lazy.  

- People who post passive agressive tweets/status updates. Either say what you gotta say, or shutty. None of this wishy-washy, "I need attention and want you to ask me what's wrong" crap. 

- I hate that Facebook has these new formula/algorithm thingies where if you include your link in your fan page update, nobody really sees it. I mean, why? What is the point? But if you just post text only, it's fine. Facebook, we might not be friends for much longer. 

- When people post all these awesome pictures of stuff, like their Erin Condren planners and Tory Burch shoes, etc, that I can't afford.  But that might just be a pet peeve with my finances.... ;) 

So, those are a few of my pet peeves for social media... what are yours?? Come link up with Paige and share. We can all gripe together! :)

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  1. OMG! The first one! I lost a fb friend once b/c she was ALWAYS doing the first one and I made a status about how annoying it was. I can't believe I forgot about that!

  2. I cant' stand vague post on Facebook...'UGH I hate today" really what is your issue? Stop being so vague and spit it out!

  3. I agree with all of these. I may occasionally be guilty of the vague post, but not because I'm looking for attention. Mostly because I'm home with my 3 year old 24/7 and have no one else to talk to about how much I just want to go back to bed because the day sucked. :) Otherwise, there's almost always a point to what I'm posting. :) Social media is an addicting evil, and I'm not sure what we all did without it....besides participate more in our real lives maybe?

  4. All of these are peeves of mine too...yes to all of them!

  5. I don't have a smartphone and when I can get a hold of my mom, I'll tweet or FB something that's Google-able if I'm out and about. That's the only time it's legit though, lol!

  6. Probably Target since I spend waay too much money there, or I might be different and go with TJ Maxx or something

  7. Thank you for contributing and making the giveaway possible, Mia, and for being awesome and spreading the word! I can totally relate to your social media pet peeves; I'm rarely on Facebook anymore and when I am I feel old because it's constantly changing and I don't know how to use it anymore! I get so tired of people who are constantly posing negative/complaining statuses an updates, it's so draining!

  8. I hate people who use social media to be needy or start drama!

  9. I get really annoyed when people complain about how awesome their life is. Ex: I have gotten to travel sooo much this week, I'm just so exhausted. Or: Oh my gosh, so lame that being a grown up means buying a brand new car and going to vegas.

  10. Ah yes, the passive aggressive drama seekers... my absolute favourite!

    Have a great week!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer¤´¨)

  11. I'll probably choose Walmart, or something like that. :p


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