Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sixteen Candles

Hey y'all! So, a few months ago, my lovely friend Kim wrote a post to her 16-year-old self. And at the time, it really struck a chord with me because I could relate to a LOT of the stuff she wrote about. And I knew that I'd eventually want to write something similar, so thank you, Kim, for inspiring me!! :)

*Warning, this could get ugly. Haha.  And sorry, I don't have any pics from that time unfortunately.  But just use your imagination.  Picture me, but wayyyyyy skinnier.  :)

Dear 16 year old Mia,

Hello from your 29-soon-to-be-30 (what in the EFF?!)-self.  Bet you would cringe at how 'old' 30 sounds. Man, I wish I could travel back in time and impart you with some wisdom to help you through the next 13 years of your life. Here's what I would tell you if I could:

1) You are going to meet the man that you will marry next year.  Seriously.  Holy freakin BALLS. How weird would it be to know that you'd meet your future husband, and father of your children (yep, BABIES... that you will push out from you know where, don't throw up), in high school Chemistry class.  You won't really know him at first... but one day, something just clicks and you'll be more aware of him than you've ever been of anyone in your life. That one day where he walks by your desk and you make eye contact and feel this electrical, instantaneous connection.  Somehow even at 17 you'll know there's something special about this crazy dude. 

2)  Take good care of your body.  You will never be that skinny ever again.  It depresses me to even type this out.  Get good eating and exercise habits because after college, it's all downhill from there, babe.  Sorry. 

3)  Friends will come and go as you get older. "Best friends" do grow apart.  Don't let yourself get down about it.  People just change as they go through different life stages.  Surround yourself with people who get YOU, and not people who want you to be someone else. 

4)  DON'T drink so much when you get older.  I mean it.  There will be a whole period in your life during your early 20s that you will want to erase from the universe.  And alcohol will be the cause of 99% of it.  Just don't.  

5)  You won't always be that super shy, quiet girl.  You'll still have your quiet moments, and still hate being the center of attention for ANY reason, but you'll slowly break out of your shell.  You'll slowly grow to let certain people in.  And that will mark the beginning of a really good period in your life and you'll wish you had done it sooner.  Then you wouldn't have been so lonely for so long. 

6)  Your relationship with mom will very slowly start to improve.  I know it's really hard to believe at this point in your life.  But eventually it will just become too hard to hold onto the pain and the anger and you will try to forgive and move on.  Things especially get a little better after you have kids.  Even though at times you wonder where the hell this patient, fun-loving woman who gets on the floor and plays with her grandkids came from.  But just... let it go.  

7)  Keep writing!  You WILL still love it when you're ancient (aka 29).  Stories, poems, blog posts... you'll love it all. 

8)  Money does NOT grow on trees.  Enjoy being 16 and having no bills and not having to worry how the eff (sorry for all the pseudo-cursing, but this is how I talk to myself. ha!) you're going to feed 4 people and a dog and pay the mortgage and the car payment and the credit cards and the medical bills and the home repairs and the... OK, I'll stop.  Just... remember to always save some money for a rainy day.  Because there are a lot of effin' rainy days.  

9)  Don't stress so much about college.  You'll do fine.  And you really won't use any of that shit after you graduate.  Seriously - astronomy, economics, intro to dance (don't laugh!) - none of that crap will ever cross your mind again after you get your degree.  But be glad that you will get a degree, because it's hard out there for a pimp. And that expression won't make sense for a few more years... ;) 

10)  You're 16, so it's still 1999.  In 2001, you will graduate from high school.  In 2006, you graduate from college and a month later get your first "real" job.  In 2007, you will get married to that guy I told you about earlier.  In 2008, you'll have your first son and buy your first home.  In 2010, you'll have your second son.  Lots of crazy life changes in a short period of time.  But I tell you all this so that you'll know that no matter all of the uncertainty and stress and ups and downs of life - you are blessed. You'll experience a lot of really hard things (10 lb baby, natural birth, that's all I'm gonna say, I won't bring it up again, but sucks to be YOU), but you will survive and you'll stay strong.  Because Daddy didn't raise no fool.  

So now that I've probably made you crap your pants, carry on with your little 16 year old self. Go watch Angel or Buffy or one of those shows that seems so important to you right now.  But PS, they'll be long CANCELLED by the time you type this post.  Ha!  Enjoy being 16 while it lasts.  

Love, your forever awesome self. The End. Beginning. 



  1. This is so sweet! I think its lovely what you've said to your 16 year old self.

  2. Amen sister! I love this!
    And for real, 10lb baby natural! You're superwoman!

  3. I love this!! Great idea! Now..would we listen to our selves if we could read this?

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Yea, seriously, I would have probably been like, "who is this old chick trying to tell me what to do?!" ;)

  4. Why'd you have to remind me of the awesomeness of Buffy and Angel that are no longer :(

  5. I love this! It's so crazy to look back and realize how stubborn we were at that age. This is a wonderful post...and I'm not going to lie, I laughed at "intro to dance". Can you do a dance vlog like Paige now?

  6. I love this, what a great idea, I might have to do this! I loved getting to know you more!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. I love this! And so cool to know more about you! I might be inspired to write something similar one day! :)


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