Friday, January 4, 2013

Brave Girls Club

Hiya friends! 
Today, I want to tell you about a really great organization helping women all over the world, called The Brave Girls Club. (And thank you, Helen, for telling me about this wonderful group!) 
They are doing what's called a Truth Card Exchange.  Here's more about the project from their website:
   Every day we hear the stories of trials and horrific circumstances faced by women in our own countries and in far away places. Whether these sisters are victims of natural or man-made disasters or even victims of human trafficking, our tender hearts go out to them and we often wish there was something, anything, we could do to help. You know the feeling, right? We ache for them to be set free from their pain, whatever pain that is. In the worst cases, we ache for them to be set free from the situations and beliefs that oppress them…..but often it seems there is nothing we can really do to make a difference.

What if there really was a way to help? What if there was a way to let them know that they are loved…that we are thinking of them, and that they are not alone. What if there was a way for Brave Girls all over the world to come together and do something amazing to bring them comfort and encouragement?

 The Truth Card Exchange is an important part of a project, a revolution, that we have been working on for a very long time…something that we believe in with all of our hearts. The reason we believe in it is because with ALL OF YOU, we know that as a group we can make an enormous difference in the lives of our brave girl sisters who need it the most.

How the Truth Card Exchanges will work: Over time we will identify different groups of women that we will target for a specific period of time, brave sisters from places all over the world, including right here at home. (We’ll connect with these women through our partnership with Full Circle Exchange, an innovative non-profit social enterprise brand dedicated to empowering women to rise above poverty through design partnerships and economic opportunities that are sustainable, holistic and dignified.)

We will put out a short-term ‘call for Truth Cards’ to be sent to us at the Brave Girl Clubhouse, and then we will pass them on as part of other projects we may be doing for them. We will provide you with a printable ‘kit’ with simple instructions on how to make the cards and how to put your own personal touch on them to make them very personal communications between you and the brave girl who will be receiving them. It’s simple!

I made my own truth cards, it was super easy, I just used the truth card kit from their website and some cardstock, markers, glitter, etc. I had a really great time creating little encouraging cards/messages. 

It may be a small token, but it makes me smile to think that someone's day could be brightened just a teeny bit by knowing there's someone out there in the world who is thinking of them.

It's a brand new year, people.  Do something nice for someone. Let them know you care.  Let's kick this year off right! :)

**Disclaimer: The Brave Girls Club does not endorse this post, they don't know me, I wasn't paid a dime for this post. I simply read about this project online and really wanted to help!**



  1. Is it weird to say how proud I am of you right now? You're making a difference and that is just wonderful. The world really needs it. I'm so glad I could share this with you. Love you beautiful girl!

  2. Another comment, just because :) Sign up to their 'a little bird told me' e-mails. SO good. I'm uplifted by them every morning.

  3. This is very sweet. Love this idea.

  4. I love this idea and the whole concept of sending cards to people just to brighten their day. SO many people need encouragement like that. To know that at least one person out there cares about them. Congrats on taking on such a sweet project like this mama :)

  5. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing about this, I bookmarked and saved the info. :)

  6. this is so heart warming, I am headed over to their blog right now!


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