Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whatchoo want, a cookie??

I'm so excited to link up with Memoirs of Megan and Cookies for Breakfast for Mommy Confessions!  I think all of us moms have a few confessions to make in regards to our kids... we're all human! 

So, as most of you know, I have 2 boys, ages 4 and (almost) 2.  Dom, my oldest, is an extremely picky eater.  He loves fruit, peanut butter crackers, french fries, and any kind of junk food.  Mainly cookies.  Which makes it kind of ironic that this link up is co-hosted by Heather at Cookies for Breakfast... you see where I'm going with this??? ;)

Dom. Sorry for the blurry pic, but he never sits still!

When I've been up all night with Will, my youngest, because he's got yet another ear infection (that's a whole other story) and I'm exhausted the next morning - this is usually when I'm at my weakest point. Dom will be chattering a mile a minute and asking me for everything under the sun to eat for breakfast. "Mommy? I want popcorn! I want fruit snacks! I want COOKIES! Mommy, can I have cookies?" And most mornings, I will say "NO Dom, you are not having cookies for breakfast."  

Oh but every so often... after an exhausting night like I mentioned above, I'll say, "OK Dom.... 2 cookies and that's it! Mommy doesn't feel good, so sit quietly and eat them." Now, this will buy me about 10 minutes of quiet time.  Which is usually enough for me to make coffee and stare off into space like a space cadet. But after those 10 minutes are over, I regret it, because he's already a verrrrryyy hyper child, and the cookies just amplify that a million times over.  

Dom + cookies = THIS. 

But moms... don't you just sometimes need that 10 minutes to sit quietly with your thoughts?  Knowing that it's the only 10 minutes a day that you'll get? Plus, he always comes over and gives me a hug and kiss and says, "Thanks mommy for giving me cookies.  I don't like yucky cereal." *swoon* haha. 

So.. yes.. the cookie mom, that's me... which reminds me of a skit from Chris Rock (hence the title of this post)... 1,000 cool points if you know what I'm talking about.  ;) 


Oh wait... speaking of mommies and confessions... I confess that I love this mommy below. So much so that I was dying to ask her a few questions.  Read more below about April @ Dimples & Delights and get to know her better!

1)  Hey there! Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started blogging.

Hi! My name is April, I am married to my best friend, have 2 completely awesome little boys and a giant black dog who thinks she is a cat. My favorite thing to do is feed people. I should have been the Italian mother of some giant clan of a dozen huge boys. (but I was not. :) 

I discovered the world of Food Blogging in June, right before having serious surgery. I have always been a little bit obsessed with food, and cooking, and baking especially, but I couldn't eat much at that point. For some reason reading about food actually made me feel better. I stumbled onto a blog that was so wonderful, it made me want to create my own little place to share recipes, and a bit of me. I've always had a love for the little things in life, the tiny details that make life special, and I wanted to share those too. But mostly food :)

2)  If you could only pick 2 posts, which 2 are your favorites and why?

Orange Vanilla Cake. Photo credit: April @ Dimples & Delights

My Orange Vanilla Cake post, because it was so random and happy and ME, and that cake was my first on-the-spot creation, and More Muffins and My Grandma because my grandma really IS my biggest fan, and she was absolutely over the moon that I actually included her in my blog. She's pretty awesome in her own right! That and those muffins have become one of my favorite breakfasts, and I think the goof-up was 
pretty funny. :)

Berry Yogurt Breakfast Muffins.
Photo credit: April @ Dimples & Delights

3)  What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Oh gosh, my favorite thing about Fall... that is REALLY hard!! Baking? Spices? Sweaters?? Cool air and crisp leaves?? Being that much closer to Christmas?? I think it would be a tie between cooler weather, plus rain, and baking with spices. It's really hard to choose!!

4)  If you could have dinner with any person in the world, who would it be and why?

Dinner with one person in the world... either the lady whose blog inspired mine, Marie Rayner from The English Kitchen (but that will happen, we're great friends now!!) or Julie Andrews. She's my idol. Then again, I might just cry... :)

5)  And lastly, my favorite question: Coke or Pepsi??? :)

Diet Coke with Lime, thank you very much!!

Whatttttt? OK April, you only get 500 cool points, because I love Coke, but Diet Coke?  Sigh. You're lucky that I think you're awesome!!! ;) Kidding. Love her! Soooo, these are our mommy confessions - I give my kid cookies for breakfast (sometimes) and April likes Diet Coke (but we forgive her). ;)

Oh and head over to April's blog tomorrow, November 1st and link up for her Nibbles & Novels link party.  You can link up any posts that were inspired by books.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?  I hope to see you there!!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog Angels - A Reflection...

So, you guys might remember that I'm participating in Blog Angels, an awesome program hosted by Rosie @ Craftbotic.

I was a blog angel for the lovely Kate @ A Creative Cookie and it has been a blast getting to know her a bit better and reading her blog.


Rosie had some great questions for us to answer as we're looking back on the Blog Angels program for this month.  Here are my answers:

1. How has your relationship with your blogger and Blog Angel developed since the reveal?

Working with Kate has been great.  We've touched base a bit via email/comments and Twitter and she's such a sweet person!

2. How have your helped them out and what help have you received?

I've done some shoutouts of her posts via Twitter and FB and left comments.  I also sponsored her blog and did a guest post/giveaway which was a lot of fun.

3. What have you learnt about your blogger since the reveal?

I already knew that she was a great photographer, but she's also super crafty (check out this DIY bookmark post) and she has really great blogger tips.

4. What plans have you to stay in touch in the future?

I would love to stay in touch with Kate, she has been wonderful and I hope to get to know her even more. :)


In other blog news, just a reminder to our lovely Fall Favorites Swappers! Don't forget to link up your swap reveal posts on Friday, 2 November! You can link up here at The Chronicles of Chaos or at Kim's blog, The K.O. Jewelry.



No no no, not that BBC.  This BBC, better known as: Blogger Book Club!

I love to read.  Have I mentioned that? Perhaps a few times.  So it only made sense that I would join a super awesome Blogger Book Club!

The book of the month was: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

Ohhh.. this book.  I honestly wasn't a big fan.  But let me tell you a bit about it first... and be warned that there are a lot of spoilers in this review, so if you plan on reading the book, you may want to skip this post.

The main character is Charlie, a young high school kid who is a bit of an outsider.  The book is told from the perspective of Charlie, writing letters to someone he doesn't really know, and we never find out who that person is. Which I kind of like, actually.

Charlie is an extremely intelligent teen, who loves to read, and is encouraged by his English teacher to read books and write essays outside of class.  He also seems to have a strong connection with music and enjoyed making mix tapes and such for his friends. I loved these things about him, it just seems like a totally nerdy (in a good way) thing that I loved doing growing up. I also really loved a particular scene where he goes to lunch with his teacher and the teacher's girlfriend and seems to really thrive under the teacher's praise.

But Charlie must be one of the most unluckiest kids in the universe because there are so many crazy, dramatic, intense, heart-breaking things that happen to him and his friends all in the span of a year (again, spoilers, I'm serious!):

-His friend commits suicide.
-His sister's boyfriend is physically abusive.
-His sister has an abortion.
-His gay friend is having a secret relationship with the quarterback of the football team who is having a hard time coming to terms with his own sexuality (to say the least!)
-His other friend, whom he is desperately in love with, has a boyfriend who has cheated on her throughout their entire relationship.
-He is a witness to a rape at a party.
-He is a victim of molestation (as a boy), but only recently re-discovers those memories and has a mental breakdown requiring hospitalization.
-He uses drugs frequently to cope with his life.

I mean, the list GOES ON!  Come on, people.

I get the attraction to this book, the darkness or whatever, but can a dude catch a break??? Wow.  And I know that not every book is puppies and rainbows, but I tend to veer more towards stories that are a bit more uplifting, entertaining, funny - rather than utterly depressing. And I know that all of these things are super serious issues and that there are plenty of teens out there who have experienced a lot of them in their lives... but it's just not something I really care to read about. Maybe because I have 2 boys and I worry about what might happen to them when they get to high school.  Ugh.

Anyway, so, with all of that being said, I give this book a D-.

Have you read it?  Are you planning to see the movie?  Tell me your thoughts! 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Confessions v11

It's SUNDAY, peoples!  That of course means I'm linking up with the lovely Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure.  Oh, and she recently announced that she's preggers, so head on over to her blog and show her some baby bump love! OK, that might have been slightly creepy, sorry, Alyx.

Anyway, here are my confessions:

1)  I have not completed one single item on my Fall to-do list yet.  It's kind of sad.  And disappointing.  I give you, my...

Fall Failures:

  • Buy the boys' Halloween costumes
  • Go get apples with my dad
  • Take the boys to the pumpkin patch
  • Decorate for Halloween
  • Bake pumpkin muffins using the recipe that my lovely friend Abbey sent me 

Sigh. Womp womp.

2)  I miss my hubs.  He's been working so much lately, I feel like we haven't had a lot of time together. :(

3)  I hate being sick.  Things are already exhausting and chaotic enough, and then throwing sickness into the mix just makes everything not so fun!!

4)  Who is going to the Maroon 5 concert on April 3rd? Oh, well, that would be MEEEEEE!  I may need to bring a bib for the amounts of drool that may occur upon first sight of a certain lead singer whose name rhymes with Jadam Jevine.

5)  I'm actually writing this post at 10:31pm Saturday night and I'm cravingggggg yellow cake with strawberry frosting. I can't stop thinking about it.  I almost want to go out to the kitchen and start making it right now!! Or at least opening up the can of frosting and eating it with a spoon.  *Homer Simpson drool* OK fine, I'm going to refrain.. (or abstain?) Whatever, one of those "-stain" words that means I don't get any flippin cake. *pout*

This concludes my random list of confessions.  You may return to your regularly scheduled programming.


Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm still kickin'

Hey lovelies! Sorry I've been MIA, I've got this killer cold.  But I'll be back in action very soon, promise, and I have lots of great things to share!

Thanks for your well wishes, and try not to miss me too much, I know it will be hard. :)


Monday, October 22, 2012

What a hoot!

See what I did there? Because I said "hoot" and I'm sponsoring Kimberly @ A Night Owl blog this month! Man, I'm just so clever, I bet she's *never* heard that before. :) Haha.

Anyway, I have another exciting giveaway to share with you guys.  I hope you enjoy! Goooo enter now!!


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Trick or Treat - We have a visitor!

Hey peoples! My lovely friend Carrie from The Frugal Foodie Mama has an exciting giveaway to tell you about! Take it away, Carrie!


So I am BEYOND thrilled that I not only reached over 300 blog followers this month, I also reached over 300 Facebook Page likes!  :)  All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU!!  Without all of you lovely readers & the fabulous bloggers who have been out there supporting and promoting my blog, I wouldn't be here, right? ;)

So, it is time for a HUGE giveaway this month!!  I am so, so grateful to all of my generous sponsors for chipping in some fabulous prizes for everyone.  
And because I want to spread the bloggy love around as much as possible, there will be EIGHT prizes and EIGHT lucky winners!!

So what you could you be the winner of in just one short week?  Let's take a look, shall we? ;)
(Psssstttt... each of my lovely sponsors is sharing with us what their absolute favorite Halloween candy is.  You know, the ones they stash away before handing out candy to the trick or treaters, or that they eagerly wait for the kids to go to bed so they can raid their candy buckets for it. ;) )

"My favorite candy to steal from my babies (haha) is the GOOD chocolate.  The Snickers, Milky Ways, Hershey's Bars, etc, etc. I'm a chocolate fiend."

"My favorite candy to high-jack: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups- they're always better when you get them Trick or Treating."

"My favorite candy are Nerds.  Grape Nerds to be exact!"

"My favorite Halloween candy is Nerds and SweetTarts."

"My favorite Halloween candy would have to be candy corn!  I pop 'em like tic-tacs. :)"

$10 Starbucks Gift Card
"Favorite Halloween candy: Mini-Snickers"

Jaime from Mom's Test Kitchen
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"My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn!"

"Oh wow... my favorite Halloween candy??  Just one? Oh, wait. This is my giveaway! ;) I can name as many as like!  My absolute favorites are Reese's Peanut Butter cups (straight out of the freezer, please) and Mounds bars. :)"

** Okay, now for a few rules and regulations.  ;)  This giveaway is open to US residents only.  This is a giveaway celebrating my blog reaching over 300 FOLLOWERS, so it only makes sense that you must be a FOLLOWER of my blog via GFC or Bloglovin to win.  There are 8 prizes and therefore 8 different winners will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter.  If you win, you will be contacted via the email that you have provided and will have 48 hours to reply back to that email.  If you do not respond back within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter.  (So yeah.  Reply back to that email and check your spam/junk folders!!) Winners will be chosen and announced/emailed on Monday, October 29th.
a Rafflecopter giveaway 

How awesome is that? 8 different winners, so you have a greater chance of winning! I hope you entered!! 


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Confessions v10

It's Sunday, you know the drill!

-I confess that Alex Clare's song "Too Close" is THE sexiest breakup song ever. Fellas, take note, if you're gonna be douche enough to dump a girl, at least do it this way.  I've had this song on repeat for like an entire week.

-Speaking of songs, I confess that I may or may not also be obsessed with Psy's Gangnam Style. I like to blare it and try to do the dance with the boys... hilarious. Don't judge, you know you wanna horse dance with the best!

-I confess that I am hooked on this recipe for sugar coated pecans. I made them the other day and they are AMAZING. If you make some, send some to me, too.  What? That 1 lb bag of pecan halves is $8.98 at Walmart!! Like really? And I had a coupon for $1 off, but still. That's so nutty.

-I confess that I'm super excited to share a cool project that my friend April @ Dimples & Delights is working on. She's got a great monthly link-up going on called "Nibbles and Novels" where you can link up posts (food, DIY, fashion, etc) that were inspired by books you've read. I think it's a great idea, and if you think so, too, then go visit her blog and tell her you're interested!

-And last, but never least, I confess that I have a LOT of guest posts to write tonight. Soooo, I need to bid you adieu and get to it. Happy Sunday, lovelies!



Current giveaways I'm sponsoring:

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Eat. Enjoy. Live.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I've Got a Proposal For You...

Do you ever find it funny to hear 2 different versions of the same story? Like when one person is telling a story and another person who was there says, "What?! No! That is not what happened, you're telling it wrong!"

This happens to me and Charlie all the time.  Take for example the day that he proposed to me. 

No, it wasn't this day. This was sometime in 2007.

Let me take you back to April 19, 2006.  It was a lovely, sunny, Wednesday evening.  I had gotten off work and we were heading out to a nice dinner at Carabba's (an Italian restaurant).  We were celebrating being together for 5 years. 

Me & Charlie June 2007

Charlie was in the driveway, with the hood up on his car, tinkering with the engine.  I was telling him to hurry up because I wanted to go eat dinner and was tired of standing around watching him mess with his car.  He finally finished and closed the hood and cleaned off his greasy hands.

On our honeymoon October 2007

And then he stood there for an awkward second and I didn't know what the heck his deal was. All of a sudden, he pulled a box out of his pocket and got down on one knee. I'm pretty sure I froze at this moment, like a deer in the headlights. And I blurted, "What are you doing?!" And he asked me to marry him. I would tell you what his exact words were, but I don't remember them because it was all such a blur and my heart was pounding and all I could think was is he really proposing to me in the driveway?! And so I just simply said, "yes." He stood up and helped me put on my engagement ring and then we went to dinner. 

So romantic, right? *eyeroll*

Every time somebody asks me how Charlie proposed and I tell them this story, he always says, "What are you talking about? I wasn't anywhere near the car and my hands weren't greasy!" Um really, dude, then what were we doing in the driveway, picking our noses??

Feb 2011. Yes, that is our friend Gary's hand trying
to pinch Charlie's nipple. That's a story for another
day. And I bet I'll tell it better than he does!!


Now that you've heard the most romantic engagement story ever, go enter these awesome giveaways that I'm sponsoring over at:

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Eat. Enjoy. Live.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Color me Crazy...

Good evening, my lovely peoples! I've got a silly story for you tonight.  Now, I made a promise to myself that I would never talk about work on the blog, but I'm going to make an exception tonight. All names have been changed to protect the weirdos innocent.

So, Halloween is coming up, and with that comes a plethora of candy.  What kind of candy, you ask? DOTS.

Mmm, sugary, colorful, stick-to-your-teeth goodness. Looks good, right? I thought so, too and tore into a box this afternoon.

I give you exhibit A:

Exhibit A. Photo credit: "Mo Jay" ;) 

Now, as I'm putting this yummy goodness into my belly, my boss (let's call her "Christy", shall we?) walks by my desk and gives me this look that says:

And Christy asks me, "What are you doing?!" And I said, "Nothing!!!" But she's still standing there, waiting for an explanation... and I'm giggling uncontrollably, because that's what I do. And I said, "What? I have to group them by colors before I can eat them. And then if there are not an equal number of dots, I have to eat some of them to even it out." For example, let's re-examine Exhibit A:

Exhibit A, again

See how there's 3 reds, 2 pinks, 1 yellow, 1 orange, and 1 green? Well, the singles are just not allowed, so I have to eat them first because they're ruining the feng shui of the group.  Green is the yuckiest, so I have to eat it first and get rid of it.  Next comes orange, then yellow.  Now, I still have 2 pinks and 3 reds left. So naturally, I have to eat 1 red to even it out. You still following me?

As I'm explaining all this, Christy's face now look likes this:

Minus the B word, Christy wouldn't say that to me, she's too nice. ;) 

And then, because I'm so flustered that my secret has been discovered, I blurt out: "I do the same thing with M&Ms." Now this is me:

And this is Christy:

And then Christy calls over our cube neighbor, "Mo Jay", to come document my craziness and take a picture!

Sigh. I guess it was too much to hope that my secret would stay hidden. When you spend 8 hours a day at work, your crazy is bound to come out eventually. I promise we actually do work when we're not creating a photo documentary of my OCD.

But you guys, tell me I'm not the only person who does this? There's gotta be fellow weirdos color-aware people in this world! Anyway, there you have it, your one and only foray into my world at work.  I hope you enjoyed it. ;)

What weird food habits do you have? 

Monday, October 15, 2012

I'll take potpourri for a thousand, Alex

Hey peoples!  I have a bunch of things I want to tell you, so excuse me while I jump all over the place... but you're probably used to that by now. :)

First off, I want to share this lovely gift I received from Linda at Grip Fast. We were paired up for a coffee mug swap hosted by Heather at Heatherly Loves. We were to secretly stalk each other's blogs and Pinterest for inspiration. I had a great time shopping for Linda, and I hope she enjoyed her mug. :)

Here's what she sent me:

I absolutely adore the mug! And of course the candy was a nice touch, I'm always a sucker for chocolate. And we both sent each other Starbucks Via, which is kind of funny. Great minds think alike! :) Thanks, Linda, I loved it all!!


What else can I tell you? Oh yeah, I'm sponsoring Melanie at Now a Queen's 100 follower giveaway. You could win gift cards to Target and Starbucks and ad space and beautiful artwork. Click here to enter! Melanie and I went to high school together and she was one of the people who inspired me to start blogging, so go check out her blog and show her some love. And of course enter to win some great prizes while you're there! Multi-tasking at its best. :)


Color: "Jade is the New Black" by OPI

Please pardon the man-hands, ew. But check out my awesome nails! Thanks Kim, I'm really digging the color and several people commented today that they liked it as well!


I also want to say thank you to everyone who sent me such sweet, supportive, and motivational comments when I was feeling down. You guys make me smile and I'm so blessed to have found such an amazing community of women. :) XOXO

Tell me what's going on with you guys! I wanna hear about your rambles now. :) Ciao!