Saturday, June 30, 2012

Greetings from Mt Laundry

I am drowning in laundry! We have 6 laundry baskets in our house, all varying in size and incredibly FULL. I feel like I barely ever make a dent in the piles, even when I find the time to do a few loads. We generally focus on my work clothes, hubby's uniforms, and kids' clothes and pretty much put everything else on the backburner. A few weeks ago there were no clean towels to be found in the house and I had to wear a flannel nightgown because I had no clean 'summer' jammies. Some days I get overwhelmed too with the amount of laundry the kids generate. But then I saw this pin from Pinterest and it put things in perspective for me.

I need to enjoy these moments, laundry included, because all too soon, they will not need me to do their laundry anymore. And then I got all teary-eyed thinking about that and squeezed my kids extra hard before bed.

My mommy friends out there, please share tips on how you stay on top of the laundry situation, all the while juggling everything else life throws at you. I'd love to hear your stories.

This mama and her flannel nightgown are turning in for the night!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cleaning Microfiber

I am the proud owner of a beige microfiber sofa and love seat. I'm also the sad owner of a microfiber sofa and love seat. Until now, that is! We have 2 beautiful boys who are known to spill a drink or, worse, on the couches. And if you have microfiber, you know that stains do not hide well. But then I saw this lovely pin on Pinterest:


It says that you can clean the stains off microfiber using rubbing alcohol. So I decided to try it!

One of the many reasons I love Pinterest is because of the awesome home cleaning tips. And in this case it worked!

Check it out:



Sorry for the poor quality pictures, but pretty good, right? It's not perfect, but I'll certainly take it! We just did one cushion and then ran out of rubbing alcohol, but I plan to get more and finish it this weekend. All you do is saturate the cushion with rubbing alcohol, scrub really hard with a kitchen sponge, and then let it completely dry. Then "fluff" the microfiber with a bristle brush. It's really that easy. The only down side are the fumes!

And I was torn about posting the pictures, because I thought Omg, what if somebody judges me and my dirty couches? But you know what? That's real life. Anyone who has kids, dogs, etc. knows that accidents (frequently) happen. And I don't profess to be Martha Stewart with a perfect, spotless home. So I pledge to you this promise: full disclosure. The good, the bad, the ugly in all it's glory. Because I know there are other "real" moms and wives out there who can relate and don't want to read about someone else's perfect life. The beauty is in the reality.

So... Who else is going out to buy rubbing alcohol this weekend?! ;)

Redesigned and Revitalized

Hi all.  How do you like my new blog design?  Lauren from did an amazing job and I'm grateful to her because I have no idea how to do this kind of stuff. :)

I've wanted a new look for my blog for quite some time, but didn't know where to start.  My old template was very cluttered and rarely inspired me to update the blog.  It's almost like clearing off your desk, so you have a clean workspace to work with.

Anyway, stay tuned for more posts about our crazy, chaotic lives and some crafts, recipes, organization tips, etc.  Leave me a note if you have something you'd like to see from me. Ciao!