Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm Drowning

I feel like I am behind on everything!! And I can never catch up! It's so stressful. And then I hate blogging about it, because I feel like all I'm doing lately is complaining. But I know you guys know that real life isn't always puppies and rainbows, so this is me in all of my stressed out, tired, complaining glory.

Things that aren't done, that need to be done:

  • Put up Christmas tree and decorations
  • Get organized for my Christmas card list
  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Get caught up on my stacks of coupon inserts
  • Get caught up on laundry (I feel like this will never happen!!)
  • Weed out the boys' old toys and donate them and get rid of this clutter!
  • Try and get back into meal planning. These wasted groceries are becoming really expensive because I have no set plan in place and nothing prepped. And when I rush home and the boys are screaming that they're hungry, I don't have time to chop veggies or thaw chicken, etc. And then whatever I've bought goes bad and I throw it out and order pizza, or whatever. Sigh. 
  • Start getting organized for 2013 and scheduling doctor/dentist/vet appointments so they don't slip through the cracks.
  • I. Need. To. Work. Out. Between work, kids, housework, just life in general, I haven't been taking care of myself at all. It's sad and I'm sure it hasn't helped me with my recent health problems, since I've been sick what feels like 20 times this year. 

UUgggghhhh. I'm tired. And stressed. And I just want to bury my head in the sand and wait for everything to go away and take care of itself.

OK. Sorry. Sometimes you just gotta VENT! And then suck it up and move on. :)

One thing that has been very helpful to me is connecting with (and venting to!) the lovely ladies I've met in the blogging community. Kim from Singledou[b]t was one of the first bloggers I connected with when I first started blogging. We met through a giveaway, but she was SO sweet to me and really made me feel welcome when I was a total newbie. :)

I'm so excited to have Kim here so we can all get to know her better.  Check her out:


My name is Kim and I blog over at Singledou[b]t.  Singledou[b]t is a blog about all sorts of things; my life, my hobbies, and my faith.  Day to day, its as random as I tend to be.

1) I've only been to New York one time as a kid, to do the touristy stuff like visit the Statue of Liberty. What's "real" New York life like and do you love living there?

I do love living in New York. I intended to only be here 2-3 years and 10 years later I have no plans on leaving.  Real life in the city, for me at least, isn't too much different than your life outside of the city.  I go to work, I play and I hang out with friends.  The differences are, I walk a lot and I ride the train a lot.  Its also much more fast paced and people let you know when you aren't keeping up but my life isn't too much different. I rarely do the touristy things.  I spend a lot of my time at home, someone else's home or in coffee shops with friends.

2) I love your shop! Your scarves would make great gifts for the holidays - where do you find your inspiration?

Thanks! You are too sweet! I guess, like most of the things I do, I get inspiration from looking at what others are doing and making it my own.  I am actually not sure where I came up with my infinity scarf ideas.  I love cowls and the idea of infinity scarves so one day I sat down to make them and they evolved over time.  That's how I tend to work.  Sometimes I start with a pattern but sometimes I start with what I think the pattern is going to be and I do my best to make it work. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.

3) Describe what a perfect day would be like for you.

Oh that's tough... I think in general, my perfect day would be to get in the car with either my best friend or my mom and just go driving in the mountains (preferably with fall colors), taking pictures, exploring the area and then eat at great restaurants, ending the day curled up watching some great bad TV and knitting.

4) Do you have a favorite dessert?

Pumpkin Cheesecake via 

I used to think that I had a favorite... but i have many.  I love Tiramisu, creme brulee, and pumpkin pie (especially pumpkin cheesecake) but I also love ice cream, peanut butter cups, and cake with lots of cream cheese icing.  Basically if you gave me a dessert, I'd eat it.

5) And my fave question: Coke or Pepsi?

Neither. I don't like to drink either. Design wise I have been a Coke fan since i was a little girl but to drink I can't stand the taste of either.  I am a water, coffee and wine girl!

Hmm, what do you guys think? I still call it a win in the Coke column! ;) Thanks so much, Kim, it's great to know more about you. I hope you guys will stop by and visit Kim sometime soon and tell her Mia sent you!



  1. Oh, I am right there with you. I've been struggling with the cooking thing for a few weeks now! I haven't defeated the stress-beast yet, but what I can tell you is to take lots of deep breaths and work on one thing at a time. I always get the most overwhelmed when I try to take on too many things at once. Virtual hug!

  2. I hear ya sista! It's not easy juggling it all! I am going to try and just sit back and enjoy it all!

    Have a good one!

  3. I feel that way right now too! And really, who the heck is caught up on laundry EVER???

    I have the double delight of needing to do "Save the Date" cards, and Christmas cards. I really need the ability to write with both hands at the same time. That is a super-power I would love to have right about now. And the ability to fold and put away laundry with my mind.

    Kim seems awesome! Heading over to her blog for a little visit =)

  4. Girl, about half of your list above is the same as mine! I am *hoping* we get our tree up this weekend. And I have done NOTHING with my Christmas cards so far! ;)

    And I LOVE Kim!!! :) She is a sweetie! I was so lucky to have her as one of my small shop sponsors last month. She really is awesome.

  5. I love the guest post! And I hope things get better soon. I have some of the same issues... meal planning and laundry! Grr. Have a good day! :)


  6. things will get better <3

    I have nominated you for the inspiring blogger award, check out my post

    Jenn xo

  7. i love some cherry coke more than anything lol

  8. UGH, I'm right there with you, feeling so behind on all I want/need to do (including finishing my post on how stressed I am during the holidays, lol!). Vent away :)

  9. Just breathe! Phew girl, that is a long list. Just work through it step by step and you'll get there. Can anyone take the kids for a few hours so you can get something done? Vent all you like too, we don't mind listening :)

  10. I've been feeling the exact same thing lately--like I'm constantly running as fast as I can but I just can't keep up with everything! And I was supposed to go to the dentist a while ago but something like that just isn't a pleasant thing to squeeze into the schedule... :P


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