Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Don't Want Your Dog-Eared Copy!

Well hello there, lovely people!

Guess what? It's Thursday, so it's time for THE BOOK CHAT with Jessica from Sweet Green Tangerine. She's awesome, so definitely go check her out if you're a total booky nerd like me. :)

Soooo... obviously, I like talking about books on my blog.  And I also apparently like confessing a lot of embarrassing things (come back again on Sunday, you'll see what I mean). So, this latest installment of The Book Chat is perfect for me:

Well, do you wanna know what my deep, dark book lover confession is?

I loathe slutty books.  And I'm not talking about trashy romance novels.  I'm talking about books that have been passed around a lot.  Books that have had a bunch of different dirty hands all over them. BLECK. Hahaha.

But you know what I mean, right, fellow bookworms? I need a book with pristine pages.  Now, I'm not knocking secondhand books, I think it's great to be able to find books at a discounted price or even library books for free. I get it. I've been guilty of buying/borrowing them myself because I'm always broke. But to me, I get super distracted when I see a stain on a book and I stop focusing on the story and start freaking out over what it might be. Or if a book smells really strongly of smoke or perfume or whatever I found myself thinking about the person who had it before me. What were they doing when they were reading this? What did they think of the story? Etc. I have issues.

Please don't think I'm a book snob. I'm really not. But given the choice between someone else's old beat-up dog-eared book (not to be confused with a book that's my own, that is beat up and dog-eared... in that case, it just means it's well-loved haha), or a brand new book with crisp pages... I think you know which one I'd pick.

Now, this isn't to say that I'm not above selling or donating my books to others.  You see, this sickness is only one-sided.  I don't want your books, but I totally want you to want mine. Haha!

I'm seriously nuts.  I know it.  But you guys still love me, right? Riiiiight? :)

What are your book lover confessions?? Please share!

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  1. My book lover confessions....

    I am addicted to used books, but if they are falling apart, no thanks.

    I have so many books Garrett had to build a wall-to-wall bookshelf in our spare bedroom (I still don't have enough room).

    I don't reread books, but I keep the good ones.

    I never understand your insane love for Stephen King. A LITTLE DOLL? Seriously? (Please tell me you remember what I'm talking about..LOL)

  2. Haha! Your post made me laugh. I feel so guilty because my books tend to get pretty beat up when I read them. They get shoved in my purse, they get coffee stains, my kids get a hold of them with their dirty sticky hands. My books go through a lot.
    Thanks for linking up again! And I entered your giveaway. fingers crossed!

  3. I'm ok if the pages are dog eared. I can't stand when there are stains on the pages or even worse a dry speck of food...BLEH!

  4. LOL Slutty books. Love that. I'm one of those people who read a book with it half closed because I want the spine to stay pristine. But I do love checking out a library book and feeling free to bend it to my will! :)

    Thanks for the twitter follow! :) I'm following back!

    1. Lol Mia, I just looked at your blog again, DUH I'm pretty sure I've been at your blog before. Haha brain fart.

  5. I love used books for a lot of the reasons you don't love them! I'm always curious about the people who read a book before me, and I really love the notes that they leave in the margins every now and then! They give me insight into someone else's brain, and that is really fun for me =)

  6. I'm most looking forward to spending the day with my husband!

  7. I'm so the same way - I'm not a fan of dirty, icky books.


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