Monday, December 17, 2012

5 for Five - Or Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas


Hello, how are my favorite people doing today?  I'm back and linking up with Jenn and Jessica for another installment of 5 for Five. The premise is basically, set some goals for the week, then come back and show your progress and then set new goals. This is helpful for me because I feel like I'll accomplish more if I'm held accountable by putting my list of goals out there for the world to see...

...except in this case, it didn't really work the way I wanted it to. Sigh. Here's my goals from last week and how they turned out.

1) Finish Christmas shopping. This would be a big fat negatory. BUT, I do feel a sense of accomplishment because we only have 2 or 3 people left on the list. AND, all of the gifts I already purchased have been wrapped. Boom! :)

2) Make at least 1 crock pot meal during the week. I'm thinking chili. YAY! I totally did this one and made Texican chili. I actually even did a guest post about it and you can read that here.

3) I want to get our Christmas tree up! Before Christmas is over! Yessss! Another success! lol. I think Charlie got tired of me whining about it, so he put the tree up for me. I love that man. :)

4) Write at least 2 letters to my pen pals. Nope. But I did send them some Christmas cards.. so not a total failure, right?

5) Get organized for my Virginia is for Lovers project. Another NO. But I still have a little bit of time to get that together, so hopefully this won't stay in the failure column for too long! :(

So, 2 out of 5. Ehh. I guess it could be worse and be zero out of 5. Anyway, moving on...

Sooo, the reason that I also titled this post as Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas is because my 5 for Five goals for this week are going to be Christmas- or New Year's-related. I'm just feeling the holiday spirit these days and I think having a list that mirrors that will help me to accomplish everything! :)

1) Create a jar of blessings. This will be used starting 1 Jan 2013. And then on 31 Dec 2013, I can go back and read through all of the wonderful things that happened through the year. I was inspired by this pin from Pinterest:

Yes, I know I won't start using it until Jan 1, but I want to get the jar made and cute little slips of paper cut up and have it ready. If I wait until New Year's, it'll be too late and something will come up and then I won't do it!

2) Bake Christmas cookies! Nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than baking. :) I'd like to make at least 3 different kinds of cookies. Sugar cookies of course, and then the other 2 I'm not sure yet. But I'd really like for the boys to help decorate the cookies. It'll get messy, but I think they'll have a blast.

3) Mail the rest of my Christmas cards. Yes, I'm cutting it close. But things are always so crazy around here. :(

4) Make some type of Christmas craft. I know, it sounds like I'm biting off more than I can chew. BUT, I really want to make something. I say this every year and never do anything, so I'm hoping to get it accomplished this year. You guys will send me some encouragement and motivation, right??? :)

5) Get organized and make a file for Christmas card addresses. I need to consolidate and have my card list in one place! It was ridiculous trying to get the cards done and having to check a million different places - my old address book, my phone, my email, etc. One central location, that's all I want!! Alphabetized, too, of course. Hey, I don't ask for much. ;)

So there you have it... my Christmas 5 for Five.  PLEASE wish me luck and send encouraging thoughts. I sure hope I can get this stuff done! :)


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  1. I want to make that Blessings Jar's such an adorable little reminder of all the blessings and goodness that life has to offer.

    Your goals for the week look great! Good luck on 'em!

  2. I saw the same jar on Pinterest and started one over the summer. I kind lost track about it, but starting over Jan 1 is a great idea! You're not the only one cutting it close on christmas cards! Hopefully I can get mine out by Wednesday! At least they will get there by New Years! haha!

  3. I'm LOVING your 12 days of Christmas! Such a fun idea :) You didn't do too horribly last week! 2 is better than nothing! Good luck with your goals for this week! I'm absolutely LOVING the blessings jar. I need to make Christmas cookies too! I also need to finish getting my cards out- I'm down to the wire, BUT, I'm loving enjoying this Christmastime :)

    Thanks again for linking up with us, love!

  4. I'm in the middle of Christmas Cookie weekend (3 days of madness). It's some of my favorite traditions :) Let me know if you need some recipes!

  5. Christmas craft and baking. How fun! Look forward to seeing what craft you decided to make :)

  6. Not gonna lie...I got super confused right before I began to write this comment...since the person above me has my name...and spells it the. exact. same. way! haha. :) I was thinking, what?? This is the first time I'm checking out Mia's blog today!! Anywayyyy...I absolutely LOVE that jar idea for the new year! I need to find a box or jar that I already have so that I don't need to take up more room with something new, haha. So I think I'm going to look in to doing that! Thanks for such a great idea! Anyway...we're getting close to the end of the week!!!!


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