Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where's Waldo?

Or really... where's Mia?  Miss me?  Well, you're in luck - you can find me over at Kim's blog, The K.O. Jewelry today... and who knows?  You might win something awesome! Intriguing, yes? ;) Go now! Don't wait.

And please remember to vote today! Vote early and vote often... well, not often, necessarily... but definitely vote! :)



  1. New follower! Cannot wait to get to know you Kim better! Love your blog btw.

  2. great post! and I voted bright and EARLY this morning...as in I was at the place to get in line at 5am..blah, 4th one to vote there!!! woo

    1. Awesome!! :) I didn't get to vote until 5:30pm and the line was pretty long. But still glad I got to do it. :)


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