Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Time for the Percolator...

...or actually it's time for the Fall Favorites Swap Reveal! (but I do have that song stuck in my head... and I may or may not wiggle every time I hear/sing that lyric... it's kind of mandatory to wiggle...)

Anyway... for this swap, we were paired up based on our favorite things about Fall (weather, fashion, food, holidays, traditions, etc).  I was lucky enough to be paired with TWO lovely ladies for this swap.


First up, Jessica from Fantastically Average and I were paired up because we both love the holidays associated with Fall. Jess sent me some really great goodies, check them out:

I mentioned to Jess that I *love* sweet potato casserole and
she sent me her recipe in that lovely card! :)

Thanksgiving is my fave holiday, so these gifts were perfect!!

Thank you, Jessica, I loved it all!!! I'm so excited to put up that sign on our front porch. :)

I was also paired up with the awesome Allana from A Husband and a Dog.  Her favorite thing about Fall are the traditions. Check out these super awesome gifts she sent:

How cute are those cookie cutters?! 

And yay! I got nail polish, too, my fave! :)

Thank you Allana, you're so sweet, and I completely loved my goodies!!! :)

I hope you guys will go visit Jessica and Allana and see what I sent them as well.

**And a special shout-out to my AMAZING co-host, Kim from The K.O. Jewelry - thank you THANK YOU for all of your help on this awesome swap.  You rock!! xo**

OK all of you lovely swappers, link up your reveal posts below or at Kim's blog.  I can't wait to see what you guys received! :)  And I hope you all had a great swap experience!



  1. You received some great packages, I love the sound of the pumpkin and maple leaf candles. Thanks so much for organising the swap, it was a lot of fun. My post is up and I'll link it up when I get home from work.

  2. You got some great things there!

  3. Thanks Mia for hosting the Swap, it was my first EVER swap and my FIRST ever link up and I can't wait to do it again!

  4. Awesome package. Love the recipe idea!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting!! You got some great stuff! :)

  6. that is so sweet of her to send you the recipe for the casserole! my favorite item you received is the fall cookie cutters they are so cute

  7. Thanks for hosting this FUN swap!


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