Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trick or Treat!

No, I'm not crazy, I know it's not Halloween yet.  But I can't help thinking about the awesome holidays that happen during the Fall.  Don't you just love Halloween?  I love the excitement in the air, from kids and adults alike.  The costumes, the candy, the crisp Fall weather... eeekk, I can't wait! :)  My friend Tori from The Chaos Which is my Life [gosh, what a GREAT blog name ;)] is here to tell you more about her favorite holiday.  Take it away, Tori!


Hey There Chronicles of Chaos readers! I am so excited to be writing a guest post for Mia! My name is Tori, and write over at The Chaos Which is my Life, and I was especially excited to write about the fall, which is let's face it the best season ever. (In my opinion any way.) 

Fall has always had a special place in my heart, even growing up.  My Mom always made a big deal of two holidays Halloween and Christmas.  Having a love of fall herself, she always went above and beyond, making every day leading up to Halloween exciting.  My brothers and I would be contemplating our costumes in August (my mom always made them).  Even now as an adult when Augusts comes to a close, I feel giddy and can't wait to pull out the fall swag and dress up my home in a spooky Halloween fashion. And if I don't sound crazy enough now, I married the man of my dreams on October 30th, our reception was Halloween themed, friends and family arrived at the reception decked out in the spookiest and silliest costumes I have ever seen.  Promptly leaving Halloween my most loved holiday of all time.

But it's not just Halloween, it's settling into a new routine and enjoying the cool nights by the fire, curling up under my favorite quilt watching movies.  Baking, and making comfort food you only really enjoy in colder weather. Beautiful scenery, I live in the Northeast so the leaves are filled with colors of fall, oranges, yellows, reds.  May I also mention the fashion?  Tights and boots, sweaters, your favorite hoodie, scarves, I could go on forever.
With fall also brings lots of family time.  Seeing as how my entire family has a love for Halloween (Thanks to our Momma) we usually make it a point to get together on the weekends leading up to Halloween, watching horror movies, going to the pumpkin patch, craving pumpkins, sitting out back by the fire with a beer and laughing.  Two years ago we all gathered religiously to plan my wedding, over apple cider donuts and pumpkin everything.  And when Halloween night finally comes around, we all go out in a large group with all of our children trick or treating, followed by a midnight viewing (after the kids are asleep of course) of Halloween.  Yes, I love the fall it reminds me of being a kid, and I love watching my children enjoy it as much as I did.

My Niece last Halloween

Pumpkin Picking

Fall nights.

So seeing as you all probably think myself and family are crazy, I will stop babbling about my favorite time of year, but if you can try some new ways to enjoy this time of year, because before we know it it will be winter and freezing, trapped in your homes by snow or below freezing tempters.  Yes, I'll hold on to the fall, I hope you all do too!  Happy Fall Everyone.  Thanks for reading!



Thank you so much, Tori!  How awesome that she had a Halloween-themed wedding, I love it! :) I hope you guys will check out her blog, I love reading about her family, especially her beautiful girls! 
I'm so ready for Halloween now! 

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  1. I love fall!

    I don't have any children but I have lots of nieces and nephews so I am always volunteering to take them to the pumpkin patch just so I don't look crazy going alone.

    I follow your blog and would love for you to follow me.

    I am also having a giveaway

    Dreams Do Come True


  2. Love Halloween!! It's so much fun, but I haven't celebrated in FOREVER!


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