Saturday, September 29, 2012

Falling For It

Hello lovelies!  My friend Heather from The Life Unexpected just moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, how exciting! And today she's here to tell you why she's fallen for Fall! Heather, the floor is yours, madame! :)


Hey everyone!

I'm Heather from The Life Unexpected! I am a Respiratory Therapist, a mommy to a fur baby, and a wife. (not necessarily in that order!) I was excited to get an invite to guest post here! I have been horrible with keeping up in the blogging world lately so this is a good start back in the right direction for me. Anywhoo, on to the real story...

Fall is 100% my favorite season. I am ok with spring, not a HUGE fan of summer, and I can make winter work for me, but fall just seems right. Beautiful colors, cooler temps, and the perfect excuse to snuggle in a blanket for by a campfire, what could be better?? Not much I tell you.

I just moved to Jackson Hole, WY for my new full time respiratory job, and I am SO excited about the coming season.

There is a valley just outside of town that has all sorts of trees and shrubs that are just going to explode with color! The colors are already coming close to home, that top window there is my new living room window, with those gorgeous trees just outside.

Jackson is a touristy type town and fall is a slower time of year so there's another great reason to love on fall! I want to explore my town without all of the craziness around lol. People flock here in the summer for Yellowstone National Park, and in the winter for the world class skiing, so spring and fall are mostly for the locals.

I think everyone in my little family loves fall! Tyler and my pup Cooper are avid bird hunters and the seasons all open up in early-late fall. As I'm typing this, hubs and the pup are out scouring the sagebrush to find partridge. It's great exercise and it's yummy to eat :) (they taste a lot like organic chicken... Probably because that's pretty much what they are!) I am pretty sure hubs is counting down the heartbeats until duck season opens though, since thats the most important bird to him of all lol.

Temps in Jackson are already hovering around 30 at night so it's safe to say our summer season is coming to an end. Bring on the cute boots and adorable jackets! I guess I've fallen for fall :)


Thanks so much, Heather! Isn't Cooper the cutest?!  And I must say, I'm a little jealous at the beautiful scenery that she'll be seeing in Wyoming!  You can visit Heather at The Life Unexpected and tell her Mia sent you! :)

I really hope you guys have enjoyed our little mini-series about Fall.  Kim from The K.O. Jewelry and I will have a cool announcement for you in the next few days.  Guess you'll just have to check back and see what it is!! :)

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  1. Thanks for having me Mia!! It was so fun to write for you today :)

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