Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Traditions

Do you guys have any Fall traditions in your family?  Every year, my dad and I go and get fresh apples.  We always have a good-natured "argument" about which kind of apples are better - yellow (ick!) or red (duh!).  It's something we've done every year since I was a kid and I love it. 

My friend Lindsay has some Fall traditions in her family, too, and I can't wait for you to read about them.  Take it away, Lindsay!


Hi I'm Lindsay and you can find me most days blogging at From Nanny to Family.

Fall is here and I am seriously jumping for joy! Bring on the boots, scarves, and warm Starbucks goodness! 

Fall in our family means football AND apple picking. We do this every.single.year. without fail and it is so much fun. It also brings cute photo opps and my once a year apple pie {store bought apples just aren't the same}. Because I have vanity issues I usually wait until mid October to pick apples. I want the girls to be apple to wear cute fall clothes and not be all hot and sweaty picking apples. I know- I have issues. 

We live in Ohio and we make our yearly stop at Lynd Fruit Farm, which I must add is FABULOUS! They have an awesome market with all sorts of yummy goodies . . .

The girls enjoy checking out all the "silly" stuff in the store. Also I love that I can buy the kind of apples I want to bake with before heading to the U-Pick area to pick whatever is available. It's the experience that counts.

After we are done in the store we take a tractor ride. It's fun at any age- for real. They also let you stop and pick an apple to eat along the ride. My husband is still talking about how amazing that apple was a year later.

It really wasn't that cold that day, but my girls are seriously dramatic. A little wind and you would think it was below zero outside, hence the need for hats and gloves.

After the tractor ride we find a U-Pick area and pick away . . .

Thankfully Daddy likes to climb up into the trees to find the best apples.

When our bags are full we head home so I can bake some apple goodness. This year I plan to pick even more apples so I can bake even more pies!

I need to work on my crust skills

I can't wait for mid October to come around so we can go apple picking! 

Thanks so much Mia for letting me take over your blog to share my fall tradition today!


Thanks so much for sharing, Lindsay.  Doesn't she have a beautiful family?!  Go check out her blog, tell her Mia sent you. :) 

And if you missed yesterday's Fall series post, you can check it out here



  1. Girlfriend, your pie looks awesome!!

  2. over from MDH, and I don't have any fall traditions, but sure would love to start with that pie :) Have a great week!

  3. Thanks so much for having me girl! It was really fun to look back at these pictures- since I wasn't blogging then it was a great trip down memory lane.

  4. when I saw the title of your post today I knew I couldnt pass it up! hahaha. I love fall and I'm always open to new traditions, especially because this year we actually have a 13 month old so hay rides and whatnot will be a blast...thanks for sharing! happy fall!!

  5. I love fall! There are so many fun things to do. I like carving pumpkins and going to visit a corn maze.

  6. I've never been apple picking, but it looks like so much fun! I've been trying to talk Leo into starting some new fall traditions with me, so I may have to jump on the apple picking bandwagon

  7. Omgosh!!! I love Lynd's! I actually used to pick apples there almost every fall when I lived in Columbus. I moved back to WV 2 years ago, but we have found a great farm less than 2 hours from here in PA to continue our apple picking tradition. I loved the photos... brought back memories. :)

  8. Oh, and shhhhh... my son & I used to have apple fights too. ;) lol!

  9. Oh boy! Apple Pie!! I feel my body getting that itch to bake again...


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