Friday, September 14, 2012

All Lacquered Up - Nail Polish Swap

All Lacquered Up

You guys know that I love a good swap!  So when I saw this nail polish swap at Shine On and Hairspray and High Heels, I was all over it! :)  There was a $15 minimum for the swap, and it did not have to be limited to just nail polish, you could also send other nail-related accessories.

I was paired up with the lovely Andrea from Andrea's Adventures. (P.S., check out her awesome bucket list! She met Denzel Washington, holy cow!) We both immediately said that we were up for any shade of nail polish - except for the crackle stuff and any nude/super pale colors.  I think we both agreed that we love bright, bold colors.  Andrea said her favorite brand of nail polish was Essie and I was happy to oblige. Go check out her blog here to see what I sent her. :)

Anyway, here's what Andrea sent to me:

Look at those colors! I love them! I'm really excited to try them, especially the purple Essie shade (it's called "play date").  The next time I go to get a pedicure and they tell me to pick out a color, I can say, "No thanks, I brought my own!" ;) And I love the bag, it will be perfect for travelling!

Thanks so much, Andrea!  I officially call this swap a success! :)


  1. ahhh I addicted...erh I mean LOVE nail polish, I need to start reading more blogs and finding these fun swaps :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. How fun, a nail polish swap! You received some great colors! I am your 200th follower, yay!! Congrats to you!

  3. how cute! i own no essie polishes--can't afford em, but they are so cute.

  4. Awesome! I just signed up for a nail polish swap, so hopefully it's as great as yours!

  5. Glad you liked the colors. I've never tried the Pop brand, but apparently it is a big deal in least that is what the salesperson told hopefully, it works out for you :) I'll have to blog about my Denzel experience...definitely one for the books!! Hope your weekend is fantastic :)

  6. Play date is one of my faves!!! LOVE!! Thanks for participating!!


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